Apr 19, 2017 - PRESS RELEASE

Smart Video Engine adds infrastructure and operational costs sharing options – showcase at NAB 2017

Siemens Convergence Creators’ video platform ecosystem now with full multitenancy support

Siemens Convergence Creators today announced it has added complete multitenancy capability to its premium OTT and TV everywhere video suite Smart Video Engine. Multitenancy allows the coexistence and management of multiple OTT video services on a single Smart Video Engine installation, vastly increasing the options for operators to launch multiple brands, generate additional revenue and exploit contents while reducing operational costs.

Benefits of Smart Video Engine’s multitenancy support

With its new multitenancy capabilities, Smart Video Engine enables operators to share the services and infrastructure of the premium video platform with other operators and handle multiple separate OTT video services on a single Smart Video Engine installation. Clients can be other operators, streaming service providers, programmers, or broadcasters with their own respective OTT video services. These tenants share the Smart Video Engine instance regarding infrastructure and platform services.

Multitenancy provides numerous benefits and opportunities for the Smart Video Engine operator. As a major advantage, different offerings and shop windows can be operated in a shared environment but with unique user experience for different target audiences and markets. The main operator can either use this functionality to launch multiple brands for better market coverage or make Smart Video Engine infrastructure available to third parties. Leasing the platform infrastructure to third parties to generate revenue represents a distinct business model option, attractive for OTT video streaming operators who now can offer a white label platform to other video service providers. Another benefit is the possibility to reduce both technology-related and editorial costs as contents can be processed, managed and exploited by all tenants from a common repository.

The tenancy model reduces market entry barriers by design, making it easier for smaller operators and providers of niche content to launch new services. Onboarding new services is quick and requires very limited effort. In addition, choosing a CAPEX-oriented approach will substantially limit the necessary initial investment of a Smart Video Engine tenant.

OTT consolidation trends

As the global OTT market matures, service operators are less and less inclined to acquire a proprietary, dedicated platform or have it developed in-house based solely on technical requirements. While the pioneering spirit of the early days of OTT largely remains, emphasis is increasingly put on optimizing existing systems, reducing costs, and developing additional sources of revenue wherever possible.

Siemens Convergence Creators’ Smart Video Engine is a mature OTT video platform that continuously drives innovation with the development of ground-breaking functionality. Some of the industry’s best OTT software architects constantly work on enhancing Smart Video Engine’s extensive feature set, a testament to the company’s commitment to cutting-edge engineering and sustainability.

Smart Video Engine now with multitenancy: Build distinct offers on one platform

Multitenancy setup in Smart Video Engine 

Smart Video Engine’s multitenancy architecture follows one major principle: Share resources wherever costs and efforts can be reduced, but keep separation wherever it provides benefits. A strong design focus was placed on data security, prioritizing separation of user data and content access permissions.

Several global components of the Smart Video Engine platform can be shared by all tenants. This includes the underlying cloud infrastructure, the media supply chain resources for encoding, packaging and encryption, the payment gateways and associated payment provider options, and other third party licenses.

Based on these global parameters, individual tenants can configure their offerings with tenant specific components. This includes the ‘Content and Contracts’ block where each tenant has a dedicated ingest watch folder, the ‘Product bundles and prices’ block, the ‘Presentation rules and GUI’, ‘Recommendations’, ‘Search functionality’, ‘Analytics’, ‘Marketing Campaign Management’, VAST/DFP capable ‘Advertisement configuration’, as well as several specific policy parameters.

“Smart Video Engine’s new multitenancy capability is tailored to the needs of today’s OTT operators. It represents a milestone in establishing our offering as an industry standard in video streaming, decisively advancing our mission to give industry players all currently available options to generate revenue, streamline operations, and reduce costs. Multitenancy does all that while making Smart Video Engine available to a much wider range of video service providers, among other things allowing operators to offer a fully-fledged white label platform to third parties. With rapidly growing demand for cooperative exploitation options, we expect a US customer announcement with Smart Video Engine’s multitenancy capability in productive use in the very near future”, says Markus Placho, Head of Media Business Unit, Siemens Convergence Creators.

To get a closer look at Smart Video Engine’s multitenancy functionality interested parties are invited to visit the Siemens Convergence Creators booth SU9002CM at NAB show 2017 in Las Vegas.


About Smart Video Engine

Smart Video Engine is Siemens Convergence Creators’ latest video suite to power OTT and TV everywhere businesses worldwide and maximize revenue streams for the valuable content of video service providers. It offers maximum flexibility for business models, product bundling and content packaging.

Smart Video Engine’s advanced real time data analysis and recommendations provide sophisticated business intelligence and monetization options.

Its unparalleled modular, unbound and open design allows for setups ranging from end-to-end solution to multiple partner eco-system integration.

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