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Smart Video Engine - Kids Edition

Tailored offers for growing audiences

Smart Video Engine - Kids Edition combines a great user experience for children and a feature set that gives parents full control over their kids’ video consumption. The simple parental control of account and sub-account settings is at the heart of Smart Video Engine - Kids Edition, making watching TV safe and interesting for kids.

Kids Edition Devices - Smart Video Engine

Kids grow up with new media, like multiscreen video services, and love watching their favorite movies on mobile devices. With the Kids Edition they can watch their favorite shows on a service dedicated to them either online, on a smartphone or a tablet – multiple devices, but the same user experience. 

Smart Video Engine - Kids Edition - multiple 
benefits to meet the needs of kids and parents:

  • is designed for a successful target market – kids
  • offers packages for different age groups to suit their needs
  • offers a subscription-based business model
  • includes an offline mode that allows viewing videos without Internet connection
  • includes a rich set of parental control features
  • does not require service providers to cobble together solutions, but delivers a turnkey application that can be customized to their specific requirements
  • provides a cloud-based solution for a niche offering without having to build up an IT department
  • is a 360º OTT multiscreen solution covering all aspects from content ingest and workflow management, media asset management, subscriber management, content security to registration and billing
  • powers video services on all device types, such as smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and PCs
  • supports state-of-the art OTT video technology such as adaptive bit rate streaming, multi-DRM solutions and multiscreen playout
  • has been intensively tested by both - kids and parents
  • has been successfully launched by SUPER RTL

kividoo – Success story by SUPER RTL

SUPER RTL was bringing a new video entertainment service called "kividoo" into German homes at the beginning of 2015. With the new service SUPER RTL responds to the fact that kids grow up with new media and love watching their favorite programs on all kinds of devices. SUPER RTL has chosen Siemens Convergence Creators as their prime technology partner. kividoo is based on Smart Video Engine – Kids Edition – and positioned itself on the market very successfully. kividoo is available on web browsers, tablets and phones based on iOS, Android and FireTV.