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Smart Video Engine - Data Hub

Manage your customers and assets with a mighty video playout platform

Data Hub supports numerous functionalities to control, monetize, analyze, secure and connect your videos and applications in a highly flexible manner. 

Smart Video Engine Data Hub

Subscriber Management
Data Hub holds end-user data in a dedicated subscriber repository. Access to end-user data is available using the self-care services of the Client API or via the Customer Care API functions.


Business models
Data Hub supports all relevant business models:

  • Linear TV business models
  • Transaction based Video on Demand (T-VoD)
  • Subscription based Video on Demand (S-VoD)
  • Advertisement based Video on Demand (A-VoD)
  • Conditional download for VoD
  • Free

Depending on the consumption model various aspects like prices, subscription periods, renting periods and watching policies can be managed and even easily combined without limitations.

The powerful engine considers user ratings, personal preferences, viewing history and user interaction with social media for recommendation. Recommendation results can also be managed by editors to promote specific assets. Within the project setup the algorithm will be quantified and customized based on your content and business strategy.

Linear TV to VoD processing
For the linear to VoD processing functionality a linear channel is captured “just in time” based on a manually configured or automated schedule. This feature enables your customers to watch already-aired programs within a predefined period of time on a per-channel basis.

Push messages
For communication with your customers Smart Video Engine offers multiple messaging channels. Messages can be triggered manually or automated based on events like an expiring subscription. You will be able to address single users or groups of users (e.g. all users using an iPhone). The available messaging channels are: email, in-app notifications, native push messages for iOS and Android and even SMS.

Payment & Billing
Smart Video Engine integrates with payment service providers (PSP), billing systems and online charging platforms like iTunes and PayPal.

For integration of other payment and billing services Data Hub provides two adapter components with interfaces to the external payment system: the Payment Transaction Gateway (PTGW) and the Online Charging Service Gateway (OCSGW).

Smart Video Engine also handles promotions and vouchers.

Search Engine Optimization
The Smart Video Engine backend supports the following means for search engine optimization (SEO): human readable URLs, deep linking to content pages, site-map and a dedicated video-sitemap (Google standard) for any titles offered in the video catalogues. 


System health and application status can be monitored by you via our monitoring solution. It will send appropriate notifications and alarms to the operations staff based on the gathered information and defined threshold values.

Additionally, these services provide a web GUI to get a live system status overview including active alarms, see the graphical representation of collected data over time and it allows the comfortable change of alarm threshold values and other service check parameters.

Smart Video Engine provides detailed and smart reports and statistics on all relevant aspects of the system:

  • device specific reports
  • region specific reports
  • revenue specific reports
  • subscription specific reports
  • view specific reports
  • end-user specific reports
  • asset specific reports 

If you are interested in the full range of the reports provided by Smart Video Engine please get in touch with us. Customized and tailored reports can be offered upon request. 


Access Protection
Siemens Convergence Creators provides a variety of mechanisms and functionality to protect unauthorized copying and/or redistribution of videos, prevent unauthorized access, prevent access to videos outside contracted regions and ensure controlled access to age rated videos.

As there is no DRM solution in the market that covers all potentially required target devices, Smart Video Engine has been integrated with reliable multi-DRM providers.

Geo Protection
Geographical areas can be limited to specific countries or within a country to states. Smart Video Engine supports Geo Protection by integration of a GeoIP service provider that resolves the device IP address to a geographic location. 


API for 3rd Party apps
All Apps communicate with the Data Hub via an API (Application Programming Interface) based on HTTPS/XML/JSON:

The following external APIs are available:

  • Client API
  • Customer Care API
  • API to import data to the BMS 

Besides the APIs Data Hub provides integration factories. These are abstraction layers that are implemented within the OTT system and decouple the core OTT functionality from the actual interfaces to the external service providers to reduce integration efforts significantly.

Third Party Components
Siemens Convergence Creators has formed strategic alliances with powerful technology providers to offer Smart Video Engine as an end-to-end solution for OTT video services. They have been pre-integrated and tested. All third party components are optional. Any third party components have to be provided by the customer and the customer has to grant Siemens Convergence Creators all necessary rights to use such components.