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Launch feature rich video applications for every screen

Our product apps are ready-to-go apps that cover a broad spectrum of features and functionalities. This provides a fast time-to-market and highly cost-efficient option for launching your OTT video service.

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When developing apps, we rely on native applications instead of web views whenever possible, as native applications like iOS or Android/Java on mobile devices offer best app performance and smoothness of effects, while offline functionalities are even easier to support with native app developments.

Our dedicated client department is permanently evaluating new device platforms and improving client usability through the latest advanced graphical and technological capabilities of new client platforms. Our customers are free to choose whether they rely on the customizable product clients, or if they want to develop clients for specific device types on their own. For the latter option, we provide Client SDKs and/or an open frontend-API. In addition, we offer our vast experience as an end-to-end partner in developing your apps and clients on a project basis. By using a library-based client software architecture, we open up a flexible approach to application development to our customers, while maintaining the DNA of the user experience in our own hands.

New user interfaces and functionalities are tested in our dedicated UX labs with regard to functioning on every device and also testing the experience between different devices.

Siemens Convergence Creators offers ready-to-go apps for the following devices:

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Applications – selection of functionalities and features

The following functionalities are supported by Smart Video Engine Applications out of the box:

  • Playlists, watch history, asset rating, bookmarks
  • Advanced parental control settings
  • Device management
  • Multiple language support (incl. Arabic)
  • In-App notification center and push notification
  • Person details pages
  • Search engine for VOD, EPG, TV channels and persons
  • Single sign-on via Facebook and Google+, social sharing
  • Asset and user related recommendations
  • Personal channel ordering and favorite channels in EPG
  • Reminder for TV events, in-app, via eMail or SMS
  • Swipe from mobile clients to TV clients