siriOSS® PSA

Process automation

siriOSS® PSA provides numerous features that automate work processes, such as data reconciliation, and enables service activation independent of business hours and human resource availability. Additionally, it features powerful process flows to facilitate fast and reliable provisioning to all connected network components. For those tasks that cannot be automated, siriOSS® PSA provides a web-based graphical user interface that provides intuitive access to different services and network elements with systematic guidance through the service development process.

Provisioning and Service Activation - Migration and interconnecting network elements with bss/oss layers

siriOSS® PSA features a flexible profile and template management functionality that ensures the smooth and easy introduction of SPML (Services Provisioning Markup Language) based subscriber provisioning. This means customizable pre-defined user groups can now be provisioned with just one click of a button. As a result, siriOSS® PSA makes the entire service activation process more efficient, leading to a significant reduction of your OPEX.

Connecting your OSS/BSS layer with your network elements

siriOSS® PSA preintegrates network solutions by introducing a mediation layer towards your OSS/BSS applications and offers them one single interface. The included service library provides service definitions for various network domains and technologies from different vendors, so it does not matter what your current or future infrastructure looks like. siriOSS® PSA always guarantees the easy integration of your solutions.

Smooth migration to next generation infrastructure

With siriOSS® PSA’s North Bound Integration Framework, you are able to introduce new network components while keeping your services up and running. It makes the migration to next generation infrastructure easy and economical, thereby accelerating the replacement of legacy systems and allowing your network to easily expand in the future.

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