Public safety and security

Optimized service quality, security and reliability

Operators in the Public Safety & Security sectors are facing the challenge of managing their operational fleets with the highest level of security, reliability, and effectiveness, regardless of the network technology used. To meet these challenges state-of-the-art voice and data communication technologies, based on IP protocols and integrated with common communication platforms, are needed.

Communications between control center and field staff must be reliable and always guarantee the required level of security. Optimized communication helps to enhance service quality, security and reliability.

Professional mobile radio for public safety and security solutions

Command, Control, Communications – Operational functions for maximum safety and productivity

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Recording and Interception – Lawful handling of voice and data for authorities

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Geolocation and interference localization for situational awareness

Situational Awareness – Geolocation and interference localization

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Broadband IP networks for critical communication functionalitiesin | TETRA LTE PMR

Broadband PMR | TETRA LTE – Utilize broadband IP networks for additional critical communication functionalities

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