Want to operate your own OTT video service?

Trends and facts

Only very few commercial areas move at such a fast pace as the field of video delivery, involving both video streaming and video management aspects. The exciting developments within this business sphere are fueled by a mass of technological advancements paired with quickly changing viewing habits and associated demands from the audience.

Video content providers – i.e. the copyright holders represented by commercial broadcasters and increasingly mobile network operators as well as public, governmental and educational institutions – need to consider a complex and highly dynamic interplay of factors in order to best achieve their goals. Those goals touch on dimensions such as encoding, rights management, options and quality of video delivery and revenue considerations, just to name a few.

Infographic: Video Management Solution | Starting an OTT streaming platform

Video Management | Starting an OTT streaming platform

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The infographic

Technology, points of delivery and business aspects of video management

The present infographic glimpses at some of the aspects that are worth considering when setting up an OTT video service.

It begins with the technological perspective, taking a look at which OTT video delivery protocols are supported currently, delving further into Content Delivery Network (CDN) strategies and depicting a general as well as a more specific, security-related view of technical challenges when offering OTT services.

The second part addresses the potential points of delivery, visualizing on the one hand which OTT video capable devices consumers own and on the other hand which of these devices are supported by today’s OTT service providers through apps.

The final part deals with monetization aspects of video services. The central graph shows what kind of revenue strategies OTT video suppliers pursue today as well as their expectations regarding the development of those business models in the immediate future. Subsequently the video revenue model of advertising is portrayed in more detail, including global revenue forecasts for online video advertising, the global digital ad spend share on online video and what role the US online video market plays.

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