Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Make the most of your LTE network resources

Today, mobile network operators are rapidly evolving their core networks towards an all-IP infrastructure for both voice and data services. In addition, all internal and external communications between 3GPP elements will soon be based on IPv6. But also devices evolve and they require new architectures.

This market is often hard to predict, and some vendors’ decisions significantly impact operators’ evolutionary progress and speed. Just imagine device manufacturers adding VoLTE capability to the next version of their popular product, the push to provide SIP functions and the corresponding PCRF interfaces could pose a real challenge.

These exciting new developments influence the control plane, requiring authentication and policy control elements that are reliable and robust, as well as flexible and lean.

Session Manager

is the end-to-end solution for network authentication, authorization and accounting across all network access technologies. It has powerful features to ensure that your subscribers receive flawless and differentiating service access and quality. More info

Policy Manager

is the solution to dynamically manage your network resources in order to avoid network congestion. It reduces churn by enabling new pricing models and allowing you to offer customized subscription plans that exactly meet the demands of your target groups. More info

WiFi Offload

is the proven and powerful solution to significantly enhance the capacity of your mobile network by integrating WiFi into 2G, 3G, and LTE environments. More info

Session Manager and Policy Manager, operate in both 3GPP and non-3GPP networks. Together, they handle parallel sessions, provide key authorization and charging functions, and give you a competitive edge in terms of evolutionary speed. And both can be seamlessly integrated into any multivendor network. Because Session Manager and Policy Manager comply with the 3GPP Release 9 and the relevant IETF standards, they can be integrated smoothly into any multivendor network.