Infographics by industry

Industry infographics published by Siemens Convergence Creators are directly available through the overview on this page. They are grouped according to their respective industries. Apart from their affiliation with the industry they are listed under, the infographics typically depict telecommunication aspects.


Infographic: Space - a data highway in progress

The amount of data transmitted by satellites as well as our dependence on reliable satellite communication has been steadily increasing over the last decades. The infographic takes a look at the developments in earth's orbit, pointing out the impact of and challenges for dependable satellite transmissions.

Infographic: Space - a data highway in progress


Only very few commercial areas move at such a fast pace as the field of video delivery, involving both video streaming and video management aspects. Video content providers need to consider a complex and highly dynamic interplay of factors in order to best achieve their goals.

Infographic: Want to operate your own OTT video service?


Infographic: Where is the PSTN to all-IP journey going?

The global tendency to replace legacy TDM-based switching equipment with state of the art IP-based technologies is most prominent in the telecommunications sector. The infographic depicts the status of NGN migration as well as the handling of established technologies.

Infgraphic: Where is the PSTN to all-IP journey going?
Infographic: What makes a Mobile Operator's setup future proof? - Mobile Networks in times of Big Data, SDN, NFV, IoT, M2M and 5G

Global mobility is fueled by ubiquitous communication networks that link not only people but increasingly machine clients as well. This infographic presents a cross section of the dimensions that are involved in shaping the demands on present mobile networks, including steeply rising client / subscribernumbers and 5G as well as M2M requirements and deployment of SDN and NFV solutions.

Infographic: Mobile Networks in times of Big Data, SDN, NFV, IoT, M2M and 5G
The use of critical communications systems is established in several indusries, including Public Safety and Security, Transportation, and Energy

How can critical communications systems best take advantage of modern mobile broadband standards like LTE? This infographic takes a glimpse at the PMR / LMR ecosystem and presents a framework where broadband technology could be integrated even into established networks without the need to replace the entire existing infrastructure.

Infographic: Critical communications at the crossroads


How can railways meet passanger expectations? To be online in the train can be so much more than internet connectivity.

Connectivity while travelling on a train is quickly becoming a standard service every railway passenger has come to expect. There are digital aspects of a journey however that pure internet access cannot live up to. How can railways meet passenger expectations?

Infographic: On-train digital services