Infographic: Critical communication at the crossroads

Moving beyond traditional PMR / LMR

How can critical communication systems best take advantage of modern mobile broadband standards like LTE?

Conformity to the MCPTT standard is one essential aspect to consider, the challenging spectrum allocation another. This infographic takes a glimpse at the PMR / LMR ecosystem and presents a way how broadband technology could be integrated even into established networks without the need to replace the entire existing infrastructure.

Infographic: Critical Communicaiton at the crossroads | Slideshow preview

How many active mobile radios are there in the area of critical communication and what kind of technology do they use?
The approximately 45 million users of critical communication are predominantly from the Public Safety & Security sector, but secure communication is also required in transportation, energy generation and other areas of application.
Infographic | First responders using LTE by region
Infographic | LTE adoption challenges in the critical communication ecosystem
A closer look at critical communication control room architecture bringing different technologies and network to allow for hybrid approach of implementing LTE broadband into a secure communication network.

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