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Smart Video Engine - Business Management System

The powerful and complete video distribution management tool

Optimize the end-to-end lifecycle of your content. The comprehensive Business Management System (BMS) supports all types of business models and includes the management of licenses, videos, artwork and metadata. 

BMS Business Management System - OTT Video Business Management System

BMS is the core of each Smart Video Engine end-to-end solution, but also available as a standalone product. With BMS you create personalized workflows that massively simplify your online video content publishing and management production process. In addition the most complex aspects of video distribution will be automated which saves both your time and resources.

The Business Management Chain in video distribution

The Smart Video Engine BMS is the backbone for your delivery infrastructure, consistently delivering high quality and managing your content assets from end to end. The Business Management System helps to increase content utilization and optimize profitability through targeted content packaging. It lets you define packages tailored to your customers' needs as well as to geographical regions, comprising a specifiable mixture of live TV channels and movie assets.

Providing all central management functions, the BMS consists of the following main modules:

  • Contract Management Module: create, define and manage your contracts to handle license terms and conditions of your contents.
  • Title Management Module: handles metadata, cast & crew, artwork and attaches the titles to a contract.
  • Product Management Module: creates and maintains products, which are the end-user consumable entities consisting AVoDs, TVoDs, SVoDs or a combination of those.
  • Presentation Management Modules: manages the presentation structure of your videos in the consumer applications in a very flexible manner by means of content bands and content categories (e.g. menu-tree, genres, dropdowns)
  • Production Module: provides interfaces to your external partner components like the encoders, the packager and the content delivery network via abstraction layers as well as deployment interfaces to the live-system. This module monitors precisely encoder, upload and deployment workflows.
  • Promotion Management Module: define promotions for your products, e.g. timely restricted discounts and free trial periods.
  • Control Panel Module: create BMS users, define user-roles and -rights, manage your ingest-watch-folders and other administration tasks.